All About Massage

All About Massage

Do your sore muscles need some TLC? Have you experienced decreased range of motion due to age or overwork? 

You do not have to feel like your stiffness, aches, or lack of flexibility is holding you back! 

Massages don’t always have to be regarded as an indulgence, sometimes it is necessary to have your muscles and fascia worked on by a professional. Consider your time at the spa an investment in the health and wellbeing of your body and mind. Studies show that an increase in muscle elasticity from regular massages leads to a decrease in the likeness of injury. 

Whether you are participating in exercise or sports, or just gardening in your front yard, injuries can happen anywhere. Pulls, sprains, and aches in the joints or muscles can be debilitating and keep you from living life to the fullest! 

Our in-house massage therapist is trained in Rolfing, a style of bodywork which honors the myofascia as a system needing deep understanding and attention. 

So what is Rolfing?

It is a type of massage/physical therapy which involves deep manipulation of the body’s connective tissues and lymph fluid. 

It is a proven revelation for those struggling with chronic pain, muscle tension, or exertion-related injuries. 

Stiffness, range of motion issues, headaches, and high blood pressure are all symptoms of issues that may need deeper attention. 

Through a series of 10 appointments, Adam is able to lead his clients through a lack of range of motion to a complete 180 in their muscular and fascial health. 

Whether it is raising your arms above your head, touching your toes, bending at the waist, lifting weights like you used to, or improving posture and alignment, each session is personalized to your goals and concerns. 

Call or book online to experience the best that bodywork has to offer!

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My best friend’s parents are struggling with ongoing muscular discomfort and restricted mobility as a result of a recent sports injury. They actively seek knowledgeable therapists who specialize in this field because they are aware of the potential advantages of chronic pain massage treatment for easing their pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing and relaxation for better overall health. I’ll let them know that getting a massage isn’t always a luxury; sometimes having a therapist work on your muscles and fascia is crucial.

Elle Jones

Due to a recent sports injury, my friend’s parents are dealing with persistent muscle pain and limited mobility. Recognizing the potential benefits of chronic pain massage therapy, they are actively seeking skilled therapists who specialize in this area to help alleviate their pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing and relaxation for improved overall well-being. I will let them know that it’s not always essential to view massages as a luxury; occasionally, having professional work on your muscles and fascia is important.
Taylor Abrams

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