The Lashes Dealy-O

How often will I need to come in?

Every person's lashes grow slightly different, so maintenance schedules vary. To begin with, we recommend coming every 3-5 weeks. After the first 3 treatments, your lashes will absorb the solution better, and last longer. This allows our regular guests to go up to 6 weeks without losing their lift. The tint is permanent, but will fade over time as your lashes grow.

How much impact should I expect the first time?

If you love watching Lash Lifts & Tints online, you know how dramatic the before and afters can be. You can expect that kind of result around your 3rd session, as your lashes take to the treatment better and better. After your first appointment, you should expect a general lift and openness to your eyes and a dark tint to the lashes (like wearing a light coat of mascara). We customize your lift and tint with you before each servise, so we can match your ideal everyday look.

This sounds exciting, can we do it today?

Because we are working on the lashes and around the eyes, we require a skin patch test at least 24 hours before your first appointment. We have never had anyone have a negative reaction to this gentle solution, but we do this for every guest just in case. Pop in any time it's convenient for you, any team member can do this test for you. We can also go ahead and schedule your first lift while you're here!

I have lash extensions, is this for me?

Coming out of extensions is difficult mentally. Lifting & tinting your natural lashes will not have the same dramatic look. However, if you know that your lashes are damaged from traditional extensions and want a safer alternative after your lashes have healed, then yes, we think this can be a win for you.

I don't have any lashes.. What now?

There's no getting around that many factors effect our hair and lashes, including medications and diet. We want to be able to help our guests strengthen and lengthen their natural lashes. We have found a topical solution that we love not only for efficacy, but also for it's price point. Grande Lash's "Grande Lash-MD" stands up to the industry heavy-hitters in lash serums at a fraction of the cost. Come consult with us today to see if Grande Lash-MD is a good fit for you!

Will you ever offer lash extensions?

We are ALWAYS looking to improve and expand our lash services. Our number one objective is to offer safe and healthy options that are effective and make you feel beautiful. That being said, we are actively pursuing an AVEDA partnered brand for lashes that gives you 10 days of fabulousness with zero damage to your natural lash. This is exciting especially at Mardi Gras time. Get your lash extensions done on a Thursday or Friday and enjoy two party weekends where your lashes look amazing! Join our email list and follow us on social to be kept in the loop of our new service offerings and to get in on any special promotions while we launch them!


meet your lash artists:

We currently have three amazing humans that take care of our clients' lashes: Vicki, Reagan, and Shanon. Vicki is our Senior aesthetician and Reagan and Shanon are both a part of our New Talent Apprentice Program. Shanon and Reagan studied directly under Vicki, have lots of expeirence serving our guests, and meet all of the requirements to take amazing care of you.

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Reagan Yenewine

After completing her certification in meditation teaching, Reagan chose to continue her education with a focus on Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and Yoga.

This was a unique segway into her career in Full Body Waxing, Lashes, and Skincare. Reagan took her apprenticeship in Cosmetology with the goal of offering skin care to women in the safest, most body-honoring way possible. Her gift will have you at ease immediately.

 Reagan shares her life with her puppy, Murphy and enjoys reading, eating, and spending time outside. If you are interested in one-on-one mindfulness coaching, attending a meditation class, waxing, or skincare she can't wait to meet you!

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Vicki Hughes

Vicki has worked with Aveda since 2006, both as a Salon & Spa Manager and as a Skincare and Waxing Specialist.

She is often deemed 'The Nice Lady'. You will be hard pressed to find a service provider who will give you the attention and care that Vicki puts into her facial treatments, lash/brow enhancements or her unparalleled Nufree/Epil Free hair removal services.

Vicki has performed thousands of Brazilian wax treatments for her Guests on the Eastern Shore, and will ensure you receive the highest caliber service available.

She is loved by many for her humor, ability to make her guests comfortable, and her general professionalism.

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Shanon Dyess

After a full career in property management, Shanon returned to her life-long dream to work in the field of Cosmetology through an apprenticeship with us. Her passions include skincare and hair, helping you embrace your natural beauty, and providing excellent consultations to her clients.

She has two beautiful, vibrant daughters and lives in Fairhope with her husband and three dogs. We couldn't be more thrilled to help her achieve her dreams!

Shanon loves doing lashes, facials, and blowouts on her guests. She's says all the time "I can't believe I get to show up to work everyday and make people feel awesome!".

And she can not wait to meet you and help you achieve your next best steps in self care and self love.

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