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At Hues, we aim to be Daymakers. Every day is an opportunity to connect, educate, and inspire you and ourselves. We can not wait to meet you, in store or virtually!

Services we ROCK

Curly Cutting

We appreciate your curls, waves, & unique texture. We want to empower you to love your natural hair too! Our goal is to give you the cut and tools required to give you a head full of curls that you are proud of every single day!

Myofascial Release

Did you know every single inch of your body is connected by tissue called fascia? Did you know that it's normal for there to be a trickle up or down effect when one area of your body is out of alignment? Did you know that getting recalibrated does NOT have to be breath takingly painful anymore? Our talented therapist specializes in balancing the body and increasing your range of motion so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest!

Lash Lift & Tint

Your lashes are more amazing than you think. Oh yes, YOURS. Give yourself the gift of not needing mascara, and a non surgical eye lift with this incredible service. Schedule a patch test today!

Working you OUT of Hair Color

You read that right. Whether you are "Going Grey Gracefully" or ready to embrace your natural hair for a while, we have you covered. With out damaging your hair, we will take you where you need to be, putting YOU in charge of your hair color journey.

hydrate from the inside out

Yes, we subscribe to drinking half our body weight in oz of water a day. AND our hair needs hydration too. If you hair is unruly, wavy, curly, or textured, you can benefit from our Nutriplenish line. Come in today or shoot us a text so we can help you test out some new tools to keep you looking and feeling fresh!

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Meet Our Team

Yeah we work together but any of us would tell you that we are more like family. When you spend this much time together, we insist on only working with people we love. We are very proud of the environment that we have created and look forward to sharing it with you. We couldn't be more excited to meet YOU and YOUR family!

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  • everything you need to know about Brazilian waxing

    Besides the fact that we use AMAZING brands like Nufree, Finipil, and Epil Free to make your wax experiences as painless as possible. Miss Vicki made you a book to answer all your questions. READ IT HERE

  • "no pain no gain" is old news in massage therapy

    If you've uttered words like "I like it to hurt" or "I'm okay being sore for a few days as long as it works", then we have interesting news. Painful, deep massage isn't always the most effective and we can prove it.

  • "dirty hair, clean it up!"

    How many times have you heard "dirty hair colors better"? It was a lie. The best thing you can do for your colorist is to come to an appointment with clean hair. Don't worry about styling it, that's what we are for! Clean canvas, better art!

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