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Chelsey Hughes-Saridemir

Chelsey has a lifelong-passion for design and creative pursuits. In 2007, she joined AVEDA and 10 years later, in March of 2018, opened Hues Salon & Wellness where her creative talents have opened new opportunities for herself and her team. 

A self-described 'multi passionate', Chelsey is an advocate for Clean Water Projects, educating around behavioral styles, and studying not just other languages in general but love languages as well.

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Mimi Howard

Mimi joined the Hues Family in 2024 and has been with Aveda 13 years. She is an educator and a brand ambassador. Her passion is Color, especially Blondes. Mimi's grey blending is also beautiful. In the world of cutting she excels in precision cutting and barbering.

Mimi is a Baldwin County Local, loves animals, spending quality time with her friends and having quality conversations with her clients. She brings a bright and bubbly personality to our team and we are so glad to have her.

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Adam Saridemir

Adam is a LMT in the State of Alabama with training from Boulder Colorado. He specializes in myofascial release, theraputic stretching, posture alignment, and increasing range of motion for all body types and limitations. 

Adam has a wide variety of clients that he works on and has a special passion for athletes and anyone that has lost range of motion, leaving them wanting more out of life.  

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Tabitha Milam

Tabitha is the mother of two beautiful children, Miles, and Harper, and is a Baldwin County local. 

She has a big heart for Mothers and our Seniors (or 'Vintage Clients'). Tabitha understands what it takes to care for others, and looks to make her clients' day by meeting their needs with a smile.

Tabitha is our Blonding Specialist and LOVES working with Blonde on Blondes. 

Helping women accent their natural beauty is her specialty. So if enhancing your natural look is the goal, or if you're looking to maximize your hair's potential, she's your girl!

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Vicki Hughes

Vicki has worked with Aveda since 2006, both as a Salon & Spa Manager and as a Skincare and Waxing Specialist.

She is often deemed 'The Nice Lady'. You will be hard pressed to find a service provider who will give you the attention and care that Vicki puts into her facial treatments, lash/brow enhancements or her unparalleled Nufree/Epil Free hair removal services.

Vicki has performed thousands of Brazilian wax treatments for her Guests on the Eastern Shore, and will ensure you receive the highest caliber service available.

She is loved by many for her humor, ability to make her guests comfortable, and her general professionalism.

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Reagan Yenewine, best waxer, brazilian, bikini wax, vagacial, lift and tint, meditation coach, journaling,

Reagan Yenewine

Reagan is passionate about full body waxing, lash and brow transformations, and holistic skincare. Reagan took her apprenticeship in Cosmetology with the goal of offering skincare to women in the safest, most body-honoring way possible. Her gift will have you at ease immediately.

Reagan is also continuing her education in yoga, meditation, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness practices. She enjoys reading, eating, and spending time outside with her dog. If you are interested in waxing or skincare she can't wait to meet you!

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Shanon Dyess

After a full career in property management, Shanon returned to her life-long dream to work in the field of Cosmetology through an apprenticeship with us in 2022.

Her passions include age defying skincare and curly hair, helping you embrace your natural beauty, and providing excellent consultations to her clients.

She has two beautiful, vibrant daughters and lives in Fairhope with her husband and three dogs.

Shanon has RAVE reviews for her facials that will leave you feeling like you've been in another world. Her compassionate nature is a perfect fit for her place with us a Hues.

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