New Year, New Routines

New Year, New Routines

This year, we are so excited to dive into some new haircare and skincare goals.

2024 is all about ritualizing routines, and what better way to do that than grabbing some serious healing haircare!

This season, our focus is on hydration, resetting, and new styles. Switch your partline, learn how to braid, and (this is where we come in) learn how to protect against heat and dryness! 

Luckily, Aveda makes my absolute favorite leave-in product, and her name is Damage Control. It does it all, ladies. It’s a detangler, a heat protectant, and it delivers on shine. 

Healthy, protected, maintained, styled hair is our goal this year, so let’s talk nightime routines. 

First, I like to start my nightime routine by mixing myself a sleepy girl mocktail, which signals my body that it’s time to wind down. I love Apothekary’s “Chill the F Out” supplement in a glass with some ice, sparkling water, tart cherry juice (which contains melatonin), and a cute straw. This is all part of ritualizing our nighttime routine so we ENJOY taking care of ourselves! 

After I mix that up, I will jump in the shower (or take a relaxing bath if time permits), and wash my hair with the Nutriplenish line. I use the light version because I have fine hair, but thick and curly-haired people will want to go for the rich version. 

After that shampoo is out, I love to slap on a Nutriplenish masque to seriously hydrate and smooth my hair. While that’s sitting (5-8 minutes) I will shave my legs or do an exfoliating treatment on my face (more on my skincare faves another day).

I try to do a masque on my hair at least once a week, so on days that I don’t I’ll go for the regular Nutriplenish conditioner instead. 

After doing a full hair routine like that, you really come out of the shower feeling like a new woman. 

If you’re an air-dry girl, more power to you! Like I mentioned before, I have fine hair so I try to do the bulk of my styling with a blow dryer for maximum volume and shine. 

That’s where Damage Control comes in. I use a few spritzes of this on the ends of my hair to help detangle and protect those fragile strands against heat and environmental damage. I grab my round brush and go to town while sipping my mocktail. Stay tuned for our tutorial on getting a salon-quality blowout at home using our go-to products for volume and hold!

After I finish my hair routine I apply my favorite skincare products, brush my teeth, braid my hair to protect against tangling, and hit the hay. I’m sure you all know how good it feels to get in bed after a really great shower and some self care. There’s really nothing better. 

Wellness is a huge part of our focus here at the salon, and we love finding new ways to pamper ourselves at home after spending the day loving on our amazing guests! 

Here are some of our other nighttime wellness routines that our team can’t go without:

  • Gentle candle-lit stretching 
  • Short guided breathing/meditation
  • Writing in a gratitude journal/devotional
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Applying an overnight serum or night time face masque 

These are just a few that I’ve collected from our team here at Hues, but we would love to know what you do to wind down in the evenings! 

For more information on the products we love this season, text or call us anytime! We would love to help you find your next favorite haircare or book an appointment with one of our stylists!

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