Our Favorite Arbonne Products

Our Favorite Arbonne Products

Arbonne is a company that Chelsey Hughes (Hues Salon & Wellness Owner) has believed in for a while. Their mission is one of inclusive health, clean ingredients, and expert input, all backed by science. 

At the salon, we welcome guests with our favorite Aveda Comfort Tea. It’s calming, warm aroma is a cozy drink that we all love. BUT for some of our guests though, it’s a struggle making it through their long color appointment without dozing off in the chair! For many women we know, (working mothers, busy professionals, teachers, etc) their first cup of coffee doesn’t get them through the morning, let alone the rest of their day. 

For those people, we see you. We always recommend an Energy Fizz Stick: a delicious and effective caffeine boost for any point in the day. These little magic sticks are vegan, cruelty-free, and come in a variety of flavors (we love orange and strawberry). 

With naturally-derived caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea, you can expect a little kick of alertness and energy without the eventual sugar or coffee crash. 

Enjoy aromatic fizziness without high fructose corn syrup or gluten! 

In the same category with easy fixes for busy people, Arbonne has absolutely nailed their protein shake game. 

Flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and banana pancake are incredible sources of fiber, protein, and nutrients that you can’t get when you skip breakfast or go through a fast food place.

Not only do they curb cravings and support muscle health, they also won’t spike your blood sugar level (win!) 

Something that we are SO excited about is the 30 Days to Healthy Living program that Arbonne offers. 

It takes 30 days to build habits that last. With consistency and commitment, we begin to build trust with ourselves and let go of the comfortable patterns of the past. Every choice we make is a step towards (or away) from the end goal, the person we are meant to become. 

Arbonne has made it easier than ever to break old nutrition habits and take a major step in the right direction with this plan. 

This mindful, accessible plan includes everything you need to reset your body and mind, including microbiome and gut support, dietary supplements full of protein and essential vitamins, ginseng energy fizzes, and superfood greens to name a few. 

Not only are you getting all of the tools you need to implement more nutrients and probiotics into your daily routine, the plan also offers an incredible meal guide chock-full of delicious, healthy, (and easy) recipes to inspire your daily food choices. 

With names like Power Protein Breakfast Bowl, and Blackbean Butternut Squash Chili (yum), we know you won’t be bored with their suggestions. They even provide a shopping list with all of the ingredients you’ll need to be successful with this meal plan. They are really with you every step of the way! 

This plan isn’t a diet, and it isn’t just a detox tea or juice kit. Science is behind us on this one!

30 Days to reset the gut, identify foods that are not serving you, and create your own sustainable plan for healthy living. 

We are so excited to be sharing this program and all of the awesome products Arbonne offers online through our website. Just hit “Shop Arbonne” on our menu and check out all of the great deals on our favorite things! 

We look forward to continuing to offer our community health, wellness, and beauty tips while supporting our favorite brands locally and globally! 

If you have any questions, would like more information, or want an invite to our next Arbonne Tasting Party, give us a call/text or email! 

We hope to see you soon! 





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