Am I Willing to Win?

Am I Willing to Win?

Are you showing up for you?

It's an easy thing for us to get pissed off about, when others don't "pull through for us".

-You're spouse is pulling away.

-Your kids don't do what they say they will.

-That career just isn't quite panning out as fast as you want.

-Or maybe your finances are still a little too paycheck to paycheck because of the economy.


Before you complain "ONE MO TIME", ask yourself "Am I showing up for myself?"


Are you keeping your own commitments? Are your heart's desires fed or starved?


I'm rereading UNFUCK YOURSELF:

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life.

By Gary John Bishop.

I've been reading a chapter a day and incorporating the new practice in each chapter throughout the week.


The last chapter I read was "You Are Wired to Win."

At the time of reading it I was winning at

-wasting my own time


-not sticking to a financial plan that serves me


And I have been for a long time.

So I wrote in chalk marker allllll over the house. "I am wired to win."

But the chapter before that is reshaping my world, and that's why I'm sharing this morning.

I took a pause on the book until I can get this practice to be automatic and it ALMOST IS after about 9 days so far.


"Am I willing?"


He talks about how it's OK to decide "I'm not willing to trade my favorite foods for 6 pack abs." But we can't scroll IG and beat ourselves up for not having them if we choose to be unwilling to do it.


The message becomes "Am I willing to give up looking how I want in order to enjoy these foods?"


If the answer is yes, Then GREAT!


In my world, I have found myself participating in contradictory behavior.

"I want to go to Turkey. I don't want to go to Turkey until I'm fluent again. Nah I don't need to practice Turkish today, Im tired and need better tools, I can do it tomorrow."


Now I ask myself "Am I willing to watch Netflix in order to suffer through my next trip to Turkey unable to join in conversation with people I love again?"


Hell no. I am willing to put the distractions down to accomplish what serves me.


I do this with getting up in the morning now instead of laying in bed.


I weigh the options with the "am I willing" set up and I always get up.

AND if the day comes when RESTING my body outweighs whatever else I want to do, Imma do it.

AND I won't think twice about being shamed about what else I didn't do.


Because I wasn't willing to put a task list above rest I actually needed, and that's enough.


You own you. No one can make you think, feel, or do anything (so long as you are not actively imprisoned in some way in which case you probably aren't reading this).




There you go. Go practice your "Am I willing to trade_______ in order to _______. And see how that reshapes your day.


Love yall!"



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