Who's Driving the Ship?

Who's Driving the Ship?

So I’ve been having a lot of side conversations with my peeps lately. Seems like everyone has a lot going on right now. 

Here’s the tidbits I feel like have helped me the most that are also relevant to my closest friends this week:

You can have dueling archetypes in your personality that keeps you stuck. Ex: the warrior in me who wants to bulldoze the confrontation or challenge at work. Yet, the martyr in me says

 “I’ll just suck it up and deal with the leftovers of my situation and pet my ego for being the most patient person on the planet.” 

Without exploring all the different angles of our personalities and ego, we can’t fully understand why we are stuck or literally fighting ourselves while trying to make emotional progress in life. 

I think it’s the under-explored conversations that leave us saying one thing and doing another.

Yeah, just leave that dish in the clean sink with an empty dishwasher, it’s fine, I got it, it’s not worth the freaking drama.” 

It’s not WRONG, or WEAK, or STUPID to contradict yourself and what you want. It’s human. And yes, it’s limiting because it keeps your power stuck, but it’s something we all deal with. 

So an exercise I’ll be using this next week is journaling at the beginning or end of my day on the moments that had me frustrated. 

Ask: How did I feel? Where did I feel it in my body? How did I want to feel?

Find out: Which archetype did I resonate with the most when I felt what I felt? And which did I want to resonate with?

Who: Shows up the most to defend me? And if that part of me was the 6 year old version of me, how kind would I be to her? And what would I tell her?

These are just little steps to get to know the inner person who’s driving the ship. 

You’re doing a good job. This life thing and communication thing is hard. And yet, walking through life not understanding why we feel what we feel is also hard. 

Choose your hard. 

Love y'all.  


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