All About Lash Lift & Tints

All About Lash Lift & Tints

If you have been curious about the idea of a lash lift & tint, or are looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty, we would like to share our new favorite esthetic service on the Hues Salon & Wellness menu!

The Lash Lift & Tint Service is for you if:
  1. You love the look of mascara, but can’t seem to find one that isn’t clumpy, heavy, or runny. 
  2. You don’t love damaging your lashes by scrubbing off makeup at the end of the day.
  3. Your lashes are lighter in color, or you have a few grey ones shining through.
  4. You wish you could get lash extensions, but won’t sacrifice the health of your lashes. 
  5. You are looking for a way to enhance your natural lashes that fades subtly over time, isn’t damaging, and looks natural!

If any or all of those apply to you, you’re a perfect candidate for a Lash Lift & Tint! This service is a healthy, natural-looking alternative to wearing mascara everyday or having to refill damaging lash extensions every couple of weeks. 

Lash Lifts & Tints are designed to lift and fluff your lashes to make them look longer and fuller at the same time, and can be customized based on your eye shape, makeup routine, and desired effect. 

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We only use the highest quality solutions in this process, and are confident that you will be able to see and feel the difference! 


Our BOMB lash solutions are infused with biotin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, rosemary, and aloe vera to name a few. Because of these ingredients, your lashes stay lifted longer, and you can actually expect to see the benefits of conditioning and enhancing your lash hairs after the first service!

So let’s talk about longevity. 

After your first lift, you can expect your lashes to be perky and dark for about 3 weeks. This is because we are working with “virgin hairs,” and the serum isn’t able to penetrate the medulla (your lashes’ strongest layer) on the first go. 

That being said, after a few more rounds of lifting, your Lash Lift & Tint maintenance could be as little as every 6-8 weeks! This is depending on your routine and desired look, of course. 

Usually, our ladies like to refresh their lashies about once a month.

We constantly hear feedback from our guests like:

“I wake up looking like I’m wearing mascara!”

“This enhances my eye makeup so much.”

“My lashes feel softer and look so much more defined!”

Most of our guests also like to pair their lash service with a brow refresh in the same appointment, so we offer a combo appointment for a discounted price.

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In our opinion, brows are just as important as lashes when it comes to confidence, and can really make you feel put together (even when you’re not!)

We offer brow touch-ups to reset your shape, as well as brow tinting + shaping. Brow tints are a great way to cut down on your makeup routine even more (bye bye, mismatched pencils and goopy gel)! 

Especially for our Gracefully Grey guests, tinting is a great way to darken your brows to match  your hair, fill in sparse areas, and enhance the fullness and shape!

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Our lash & brow technicians are passionate about customizing your service to fit your lifestyle, face shape, and beauty goals, and doing it safely with the highest quality solutions. We will never offer you something that would damage the health of your lashes or brows, and we will never rush our time with you. Leave your appointment feeling loved, heard, and important, and with the beautiful lashes and brows you deserve! 

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, call us at (251) 200-2131, and don’t forget to follow us on instagram @huessalonwellness! 

We look forward to taking great care of you :) 


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