Skincare from Head to Toe

Skincare from Head to Toe

We believe that health is a whole-body, 360 degree spectrum. Health can be talked about in many ways, celebrated, cursed, or cherished. Humans have the distinct opportunity to experience health and wellness in every aspect of their being. Physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and mental health are all essential to our overall view of how we are doing, truly. 

Here at Hues, we believe in service to all of these aspects of our being-ness, and we strive to offer the products, services, and support that goes along with each of them. From healthy hair, to glowing skin, to a happy atmosphere, we will always give our guests our all so they leave feeling well from the inside out. 


Starting from the top, our first thought may be our hair. But there is something even more surface level than the hair itself: our scalp. 

The scalp is one of the most sensitive and telling areas of the body. The state of the scalp can show if we are dehydrated, eating too many oily foods, spending too much time in the sun, washing too often or not often enough, and can sometimes be very picky about what it likes and doesn’t like. 

This season, as the weather tries to decide what mood it wants to be in, we are leaning into products that energize the scalp, stimulate the hair follicles, and eliminate any pesky flakes or excess oils. Dull, dry, or thirsty hair is not invited into the Spring and Summer. 

We have been testing Aveda’s new Scalp Solutions line since it launched a few weeks ago and we honestly cannot be more excited that it has finally hit the shelves.
A holistic- full spectrum system, this line includes a scalp treatment, massager, shampoo & conditioner, overnight serum, and protective mist. 

Whether you’re experiencing an abundance of sebum (dandruff), or dryness (flakes) this line has you covered with a yummy peppermint aroma. 

We have loved testing the treatment, shampoo & conditioner, and serums with our guests who notice their scalp may need some TLC. 

Not only does it address their concerns, it also makes hair super soft, shiny, and ready to be styled. We have heard nothing but praise from our guests who have tried it out! 

Hair health begins with the scalp, but it’s often a piece of skincare that gets overlooked. 


It’s facial season. Time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

Our Elemental Nature Facial is the perfect way to kickstart a new commitment to your head-to-toe skincare routine. 

The 60 minute facial includes aromatherapy, hot towels, hand & arm massage, foot reflexology, serums, and specialized home care recommendations and samples. 

Aveda makes some of the most gentle, and effective skincare staples we have ever tried. 

Start with an in-depth consultation about your skin and goals, so we can decide which specialized masques are best for you! Your facialist will apply two of Aveda’s professional masques during your 60 minute facial, which will be set with hot towels and massaged in thoroughly. We will also choose which serums, moisturizer, and toner will be most effective for your best glow!

Our Master Esthetician also offers Dermaplaning, Hydro-Facials, Acne-Centered Skincare, Jelly Mask upgrades, and more. Depending on your skin’s needs and consultation, your technician can choose the exact right products and treatment to leave you feeling glowy and gorgeous! 


All of our facials include extensive massage on the face, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet. Depending on your consultation, your technician may choose to focus on lymphatic drainage as well. This may look like a Gua Sha Massage, Dry Brushing, or Jade Rollers on the face and decollete, allowing this fluid to drain through the body, ready to be flushed away. This practice reduces puffiness, improves skin elasticity, and clears the sinuses. It is especially important for guests who are experiencing any blockage or inflammation. 

Our in-house massage therapist is an expert in Myofascial Release Bodywork and Rolf Massage. See our blog about his specialties here. 

Not only will a session with Adam soothe aching muscles, release tension, and leave you relaxed from head to toe, but his use of Aveda’s specially formulated massage oil and lotions will hydrate and balance your skin. Leave your massage feeling aligned and renewed, and your skin will thank you too!

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